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Ruby, optimized for production

A new Ruby distribution, with
the Ruby you know and love, but better.

  • Less memory — save 30-50%
  • Faster
  • More secure
  • Fully open source, based on MRI

Server Edition

Now in beta

Perfect for traditional infrastructure. Install with DEBs and RPMs.

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Container Edition

Coming soon!

For Docker and Kubernetes. Optimized for the cloud native era.

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Heroku Edition

Coming soon!

Get more out of your dynos. Integrates via Heroku Buildpacks.

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What is Fullstaq Ruby?

Fullstaq Ruby is an MRI-based Ruby distribution that's optimized for server production use cases. It is compiled with the Jemalloc and malloc_trim patches, allowing lower memory usage and higher performance.

We supply binaries (DEBs, RPMs) so that you don't have to compile Ruby from source, and so that you can easily keep Ruby security-patched.

50% less memory (yes, really)

Andrey Novikov from Evil Martians reviewed and tested Fullstaq Ruby on multiple workloads, including web apps and background workers. The verdict: drastic reduction in memory usage, as well as a slight performance improvement.

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A open source project to count on

Fullstaq Ruby is fully open source. We're committed to safeguard the long-term viability and health of this project. How? By closely collaborating with the community, and by making it maintainable by anyone.

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More improvements on the way

Fullstaq Ruby is in beta: it is a work-in-progress. Further memory reduction optimizations are possible. Better system integration is planned. And much more.

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Meet the founders

Hongli Lai's avatar

Hongli Lai

Developer, CTO, entrepreneur

Hongli is the creator of the Passenger application server, CTO at Phusion, and creator of the classic Ruby Enterprise Edition.

Hongli writes software with the belief that software development and work should be fun, and that computers should serve humans instead of the other way around.

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Succeed in Cloud Native

Fullstaq's mission is to help startups and SMBs to succeed in the cloud native way of working.

Fullstaq helps you take your stack to the next level through consultancy, training and managed services in the area of cloud native technologies, Kubernetes, containerization and DevOps.

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